Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: What Kawasaki Disease Looks Like

This is my daughter on her first day of kindergarten, August of 2011.  I never thought of her as being particularly muscular, but she was always extremely active and very strong.  She definitely has the body of an athlete, to me.

This is my daughter in the middle of her second Kawasaki Disease, April of 2012, just 8 short months after the first picture was taken.  This is only the 9th day of her sickness.  10 days before this, she felt fine and she looked like the first picture.  What strikes me most remarkable is the loss of muscle in her legs.

She had just beaten her dad at foosball.  It was a good day.

By the way, I SUCK at Wordless Wednesdays! If you are here looking for information on KD, please check out Desperately Seeking Kawasaki and the KD page on my blog.


  1. <3 Poor little thing. I'm so glad you pushed and fought for her like you did. She was on the mend so much more quickly because of that, and it made such a difference for her little body, just remember that. Love you, Mama Bear.

    1. Thanks, Sunshine. I'm still contemplating that Momma Bear tattoo. :)


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