Tuesday, January 14, 2014

26 Days of Kawasaki Disease Awareness: Day 14

To celebrate the 4th annual National Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day on January 26, 2014, I will be posting 26 ideas on how you can spread KD awareness in your own community and beyond - one idea per day until the 26th.  

Here are the past days:

Now let's get to today's idea:

Day 14: Buy, make, and wear KD awareness.

It's a little awkward to go up to strangers on the street and say, "Hey, have you ever heard of Kawasaki Disease?" (This will not be one of the 26 ideas!) It would be much easier if people would just come up to you and ask "What is Kawasaki Disease?" wouldn't it? Well, make or buy a Kawasaki Disease awareness t-shirt and see just that happen over and over again.  You can also use a variety of other promotional tools - like jewelry, bumper stickers, and stationary.  Raising awareness could be as simple as wearing a homemade KD awareness ribbon or wearing red on Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day.  

Here are some of the places you can find Kawasaki Disease awareness merchandise:

***Edit* This Zazzle store has unfortunately closed.***
The Faces of Kawasaki Disease has the biggest selection of merchandise I've found, on Zazzle.  

Here are some items from other stores I've found:

KD awareness checks from Checks Superstore: example 1 and example 2.

Orange and Red KD awareness ribbon pin from Personalized Cause.

KD Awareness ribbon - magnets or stickers from Support Our Ribbons.

Many people make their own KD awareness jewelry and apparel.  A few KD advocates made these shirts for a blood drive they organized.  More on that idea another day! 

Have you made anything for KD awareness? I'd be happy to add it.  Comment here or over on DSK Facebook.  Come back tomorrow for day 14 of 26 days of Kawasaki Disease.

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