Tuesday, January 21, 2014

26 Days of Kawasaki Disease Awareness: Day 21

To commemorate the 4th annual National Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day on January 26, 2014, I will be posting 26 ideas on how you can spread KD awareness in your own community and beyond - one idea per day until the 26th.  

Here are the past days:
Day 6: Contact news outlets about running a KD story.
Day 7: Decorate your home and car windows with KD awareness.
Day 8: Participate in a KD Clinical Study
Day 9: Share Kawasaki Disease themed infographics and memes.
Day 10: Organize a 5K run for Kawasaki Disease.
Day 11: Get your community involved in KD awareness.
Day 12: Hand out heart lollipops with KD information.
Day 13: Start or join a Kawasaki Disease support group.
Day 14: Buy, make, and wear KD awareness.
Day 15: Organize a charity golf or mini-golf tournament for KD.
Day 16: Organize a local blood drive for KD and donate blood.
Day 17: Get your child's school involved.
Day 18: Make a KD inspired float for a local parade.
Day 19: Organize a charity sporting event for KD.

Now let's get to today's idea:

Day 21: Get your public library involved in KD awareness.

The public library holds a lot more than just books.  The library is a collection of stories brought together by printed pages, electronic sources, media and visual arts, and human experiences.  When you look beyond the shelves, you will find a world of possibilities.  

Start by looking for stations of informational pamphlets and brochures.  If your library has one, ask if you can add a stack of KD awareness pamphlets.  Contact KD Foundations about getting supplies.  Make sure you keep checking in to see if the supply needs to be refilled.

Take this idea one step further by inquiring about a full-blown Kawasaki Disease Awareness display.  Put together a table or bulletin board presentation to be exhibited in the library for an extended period of time.  Maybe they would let you do it for the whole month of January, including Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day on January 26th.  Create a dynamic presentation that combines photography, illustrations, and text to not only provide vital KD information but to also evoke a shared emotional experience.  

Many libraries have areas for presentations and offer a wide array of adult programs like health talks and parenting workshops.  Take advantage of the one person who knows the library most intimately - your librarian.  Start up a conversation with them about your KD awareness advocacy and get their opinion.  Collaborate to find the best possible way to combine KD awareness with the library's available resources.  

Have you taken advantage of your library for KD awareness? Tell us about it.  And come back tomorrow for day 22 of 26 days of Kawasaki Disease Awareness. 

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