Wednesday, January 22, 2014

26 Days of Kawasaki Disease Awareness: Day 22

To commemorate the 4th annual National Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day on January 26, 2014, I will be posting 26 ideas on how you can spread KD awareness in your own community and beyond - one idea per day until the 26th.  

Here are the past days:
Day 6: Contact news outlets about running a KD story.
Day 7: Decorate your home and car windows with KD awareness.
Day 8: Participate in a KD Clinical Study
Day 9: Share Kawasaki Disease themed infographics and memes.
Day 10: Organize a 5K run for Kawasaki Disease.
Day 11: Get your community involved in KD awareness.
Day 12: Hand out heart lollipops with KD information.
Day 13: Start or join a Kawasaki Disease support group.
Day 14: Buy, make, and wear KD awareness.
Day 15: Organize a charity golf or mini-golf tournament for KD.
Day 16: Organize a local blood drive for KD and donate blood.
Day 17: Get your child's school involved.
Day 18: Make a KD inspired float for a local parade.
Day 19: Organize a charity sporting event for KD.

Now let's get to today's idea:

Day 22: Get your religious and non-religions organizations and clubs involved.

The people who are most likely to listen to and remember your message are people who care about you.  When you need help with your awareness campaign, reach out to your social network.  The live one! Considering that somewhere around 8 in 10 people identify with a religion, your religious establishment may be a great place to start.  Whether you go to church, synagogue, or mosque - you will find people who may be affected by Kawasaki Disease in the future; you will find people who want to help you.  

That is only the tip of the iceberg.  Are you in a quilting circle? Ask your fellow quilters if you can make a Kawasaki Disease Awareness themed quilt.  Wow, can you imagine how beautiful that could be? This quilt could go on a display tour around your town as an ongoing awareness campaign.  It could also be auctioned off for your favorite KD charity.  Are you a member of a local sporting team? I've written multiple posts now about how lucrative charity sporting events can be.  Maybe your Zumba class would help you organize a KD inspired flashmob! Maybe your volleyball tournament could raise money for KD or wear KD inspired shirts or uniforms.  

Whatever clubs or organizations you happen to belong to, reach out to your friends and find a fun and creative way to make a difference in the world.  Here are just a few more ideas you could possibly use:

  1. Bake Sale
  2. Yard/Garage/Community Sale
  3. Raffle
  4. Bingo Night
  5. Casino Night
  6. Charity Fashion Show
  7. Charity Silent (or not-so-silent) Auction
  8. Arts and Crafts Fair
  9. Dance-a-thon
  10. Battle of the bands
  11. Cookbook
  12. Talent Show

For even more suggestions, check out this article or this article.  What will you be doing to raise awareness for KD? Tell us about it.  And come back tomorrow for day 23 of 26 days of Kawasaki Disease Awareness.  

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